Tidy App


This project was to help a small startup based in Montreal, Canada with their cleaning mobile application that let property owners or managers hire and schedule cleaners. The problem stakeholders (just the company owner and assistant) identified was a lower conversion rate from downloading the app to booking a service. The goal was to better understand why they were experiencing high drop-off rates during app enrollment, come up with redesign ideas and general UX guidance that might lower these drop-off rates while increasing usability. I was one of 3 UX Designers helping on this project contributing to the User Experience enhancements, while my peers also contributed to the UX writing and UI Visual Designs. The company has been rebranded to Cleanster.

Pain Points

We utilized the stakeholders’ collected feedback heard from the clients as well as our analysis as a team to highlight some of the pain points before

  1. Sign-up is buried within formal registration process
    • Current
    • Tidy App Original Signup
    • Suggestion
    • Simplify the sign up form and leave the items that need more cognitive load for later in the process such as address entry, scheduling the service and making payment for afterwards.
    • Tidy App Suggested Signup
  2. Lack of guided onboarding process that walks new users through
    • Current
    • Tidy App Original Unguided
    • Suggestion
    • Add an introduction wizard that communicates the value of the platform and why they are signing up.
    • Tidy App Suggested Guided
  3. Some text was unclear and could be perceived as confusing
    • Current
    • Tidy App Original Text
    • Suggestion
    • Providing additional descriptions to ensure things could be understood for even a 1st grader
    • Tidy App Suggested Text
  4. Navigation wasn’t clear from screen to screen, where they are and how do they get back
    • Current
    • Tidy App Original Navigation
    • Suggestion
    • Show consistent indicator of how to navigate through steps in the signup process
    • Tidy App Suggested Navigation
  5. Map wasn’t functional in the process
    • Current
    • Tidy App Original Map
    • Suggestion
    • Remove the map, it’s not adding value to the process
    • Tidy App Suggested Map
  6. Inputs were conveyed in a non-common way which may cause confusion to users
    • Current
    • Tidy App Original Inputs
    • Suggestion
    • Make inputs as simple using native style controls according to WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines for the address, hours, and booking date
    • Tidy App Suggested Inputs

Final Test Results

We chose to only conduct tests for ease of use and speed primarily due to time constraints, here are some key findings

  • How much conversions have increased from previous sign up process?
  • We received an email from the owner and within a week of deploying some of our recommendations (removing the map, updating text descriptions and using familiar inputs) drop-offs have decreased by 7%, they are gradually incorporating the changes so it’s easier to keep track of the metric of each change
  • We’ve received a recent update from the company and the monthly signups have increased by over 262% after incorporating some of our recommendations and other updates
  • Tidy App Jan 2023 Metric