San Nurse Assess


A native iOS and Android application, for tablets 7” or larger that allows Nurses to see Patients that they are scheduled to see for the day and also complete and sign some basic patient information. I was Lead UX for both Research and Design, and user testing. I worked with some clients(users), SMEs and a Business analyst to capture all the required information. Making it fast for nurses to intake the patients while on the field was key for the experience.

Pain Points

  • Nurses were manually filling out patient documents by paper
  • Many unnecessary information to go through
  • Manually scheduling the routes from patient to patient


  • Build a portable application for nurses
  • Basic intake of patient information
  • List of Patients scheduled for the day

Information Architecture

  • This is an application built from the ground up, really observing the nurses helped me understand their process and the information they need to register
  • Nurses only see a max of 8 new patients per day, using AI we can smartly sort their patient’s order by the most efficient route
  • Nurses by default start their day with their assigned patients, but also needs an alternate way to view patients they started working on but not submitted, and all patients
  • Patient forms are dynamic based upon their medical history and other criterias, we worked with the nurses to review some of their case scenarios and understand the logic on the most common ones so we could replicate into the system. We were able to eliminate many unnecessary information not required based upon the patient’s information.
  • Worked with backend, database team, and business analyst to setup dynamic rules with appropriate groupings with the appropriate permutations.

User Flow

Sandata Nurse Assess UserFlow

Hypothesis / Assumptions

  • We will learn overtime as new procedures by state laws are set in place for nurses when intaking patients, we will have to revise the logic for the forms as well as any helpful insights for the nurses to help them shorten their time per visit


  • Smart routing for the nurses so they don’t have to think about their routes for the day. For future release we planned on integrating location coordinates which they can use to trigger Google or Apple Maps directly from the app.
  • Smart dynamic forms that are tailored for each patient


Nurse Assess Login Nurse Assess Login Patients Nurse Assess Login Patients Forms

Final Results

  • Average time to complete patient intake by nurse
  • 3-5 minutes vs 15-20 minutes prior manual paper process
  • Average time to next route
  • 5 seconds vs 5-10 minutes looking up each address and figuring out a manual route



  • I used a dark grey for all text for accessibility
  • Retaining the theme color from the main desktop application was best, however we applied a gradient in some instances.


  • Open Sans
  • The original font of the desktop application for consistency and branding


View Invision Prototype