Mutual Funds Proxy


This project was to build an internal web based application from the ground up for Broadridge Financials, a global Financial Company that delivers investor communications. Mutual Funds Proxy allows internal company users to review and create campaigns material sets and jobs for large financial institutions and investment companies. Here’s how we understood and solved for this App. Below is a shorter version of what the team and I researched and my UX process for the final solution. I was lead UX/UI Designer who worked closely with the lead developer so we could hash out any potential development complexities ahead.

Pain Points

  • The hierarchy for this application was very complex, easiest way to explain it is a tree with a few branches which you can eat a fruit and also visit its sub-branches, at each of those sub-ranches you can eat a fruit and also visit its sub-sub-branches as well, once you get to those final sub-branches you can only eat a fruit.
  • Creating a navigation for such hierarchy, I had no similar or integrated previous system which I could research and observe how users use them. They were doing this work from multiple legacy systems at the moment and some of them were command-line applications, not very friendly to use
  • Too much information to manage


  • One integrated system that’s WCAG AA 2.0 Compliant
  • Client
    • Add client contact
    • Edit client contact
    • Add client location
    • Edit client location
    • Add client visit
    • Edit client visit
  • Campaign
    • Contacts
      • Add broadridge campaign team associate
      • Edit broadridge campaign team associate
      • Add client campaign contact
      • Edit client campaign contact
  • Material Set
    • Enclosures
      • Add material
      • Edit material
  • Registered Job
    • Print Mail
      • Add sublevel
      • Edit sublevel
    • Contacts
      • Add broadridge campaign team associate
      • Edit broadridge campaign team associate
      • Add client campaign contact
      • Edit client campaign contact
    • Reminder Jobs
      • Add reminder job
      • Edit reminder job
  • Underlying Campaign
    • Main Z Jobs
      • Add job mailing off Main Z Job
      • Edit job mailing off Main Z Job
      • Add Individual
      • Edit Individual Z Job
      • Add Reminder Job
      • Edit Reminder Job
  • Beneficial Job
    • Add Beneficial Job
    • Edit Beneficial Job

Information Architecture

  • An effective nesting of the information was key to ensure it was intuitive to the internal user
  • The language used is industry standards, not much room for modifications, but I was able to create groupings where I saw was necessary and best fit
  • Since this was internal, our users and SMEs were in house staff so we were able to do quick iterations of the grouping and ordering of the fields
  • We did take sometime to understand the process disregarding their current methods of completing tasks
Mutual Funds - Information Architecture Excel Mutual Funds - Information Architecture

User Flow

Mutual Funds User Flow

Hypothesis / Assumptions

  • Usually I don’t have more than 6 fields per grouping, but due to the nature of the business, it wasn’t best practice to have an extensive amount of groupings therefore some groupings could have 20 fields, but we compensated for this with proper spacing between the fields
  • I believe we will discover further opportunities for improvements and as laws change we will be able to further reduce the amount of fields and/or groupings, but this will be something learned after production and it’s being used


  • Incorporated as much suggested technology to some of the input fields to reduced the amount of time users spent on particular tasks
  • Created a dashboard which allowed them to see some recent activities, and basic information with a calendar which will help them get a quick understanding of what needs to be worked on and looked over


Broadridge Mutual Funds - Dashboard Broadridge Mutual Funds Client Page Broadridge Mutual Funds Material Sets – Enclosures Broadridge Mutual Funds Jobs - Registered Jobs - General

Final Test Results

We only tested for speed and time productivity, there are several types of tasks, but we tested 3 tasks from end to end

  • How much time was saved for process compared to previous process? (From live observations)
  • Average of the 3 tasks took about 25 minutes versus about 1 hr 10 minutes from previous process.
  • How likely were you able to easily find your input fields in expected places? (From survey)
  • 98% – at least somewhat likely, much of the groupings users were used to, we did add a few, but we wanted to ensure we met information architecture expectations



  • This application is very heavy on data so keeping a minimal color theme was ideal
  • We used a dark grey for all text
  • The company already had a design system in place for accent theme color, and green for checkboxes, I added 2 more colors for the calendar,


  • Calibri
  • An easily readable modern font that conveys numbers and text


  • Keeping a business look and feel to this application was very important, with small corner radius

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